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or coaching as a way of life




Our mission is to create transformational leaders who are equipped with with an extensive set of coaching skills and tools to support individuals and organizations unleash their potential and deliver on their greatness.

We have trained hundreds of coaches around the globe who work with clients ranging from entrepreneurs to international corporations and non-profit organisations. There is one thing that Consciousness Coaches® have in common: they empower everyone they connect with

Creative Consciousness offers a groundbreaking and unique method for consciousness development, personal leadership and premium coaching, making successful use of numerous influences such as: psychology, ontology, Eastern and Western philosophy. We offer two different professional coaching programs: Diploma in Professional Consciousness Coaching® and Certificate in Professional Coaching Skills. Both courses are taught in both Dutch and English.

Diploma in Professional Consciousness Coaching®


Do you want to make coaching your profession? Do you want to give leadership a new face? Do you dream of becoming a recognized coach and developing your own coaching business? Would you like to be a certified Consciousness Coach®? Then you've come to the right place!


This training consists of 3 training modules of 4 days each. You build a strong foundation in coach skills and coach expertise and immerse yourself in the Creative Consciousness Awareness creations. With the preparatory exam package you also have everything you need to pass the coach exam and receive a recognized ICF diploma.


After you have completed the coaching modules, you are ready to register for the coaching exam, and you can also start practicing. Once you have accomplished practice hours needed to enter the exam, you can choose a date for both the oral and written exam.

With this diploma you are able to professionally practice coaching in any field of your choice, be that life coaching, business coaching, or any other coaching area, and are eligible to become a member of ICF and apply for their credentials.


You can also follow the 3 modules without taking the exam. If you choose this, you will not graduate at ACTP level, but at ACSTH level.

Certificate in Professional Coaching Skills


Are you interested in learning a number of professional coaching skills that will help you in all circumstances? Do you want to deepen and strengthen your relationships, both in your work environment and in your home circle? Do you long to contribute to positive change in the world? Then this coaching training is for you!


In this training program you follow Module 1 (Coaching Basic) and Module 2 (Coaching Expertise) just like in the other program. After these modules you will be trained as a professional in coaching & communication skills and you will receive a certificate.


Optionally, you can delve further into Creative Consciousness Coaching® and still join Module 3. In this module you will get to know the CC Consciousness creations and how to use them optimally to support your customers.

Image by Jamie Street
Image by Jamie Street

"I am very excited about the possibilities that open up with the higher awareness that I gained and I am confident to start my journey as a professional coach!"

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-05 at

Hanne Desmet, Coach & Youth worker, Leuven

What is specific about our training?


We believe that all external changes start internally. We value authenticity, integrity and responsibility, and train you in being a transformational leader who facilitates lasting shifts and empowers people in consciously living an optimal life.



Our process methodology goes to the very root cause of issues, allowing change to take place intrinsically and is sustainable. With our training you will be ready to change lives, for real.


COACHING PROTOCOL:We train you in using our signature 7-step process and protocol that serves as a map for your coaching session. It’s adaptable for any client, any goal or context.


our coach training will challenge you, expand you, delight you and transform you. You will participate in our high-impact exercises and processes from the very first days and experience the impact of the tools first hand.



Our coach trainers and mentors are living models of the CC philosophy and its basic pillars. Coaching has become a way of life for them. They are 100% devoted to your transformation and success.


You receive access to our closed Facebook group for CC coaches and invitations to mentoring events and follow-up programs.



Consciousness Coaching® is not limited to your profession. Taking part in our coach training program will impact who you are, how you show up in your life and transform you into being a powerful source of inspiration for others.



Is prior knowledge a requirement?


No specific prior knowledge is required to participate in these coaching courses. If you already have a background in coaching or HR, you can expand, deepen and sharpen your coaching skills with the help of this training.


We do believe that in order to guide transformation in others, you must first have done the work for yourself. That is why we think it is an enormous added value to have your coaching training preceded by our Conscious Living 1 training. The Conscious Living 1 training is a 4-day program that guides you through a personal transformation process and introduces you to all the basic pillars of Creative Consciousness such as integrity, authenticity and responsibility. In this way you experience in person the power and the possibilities of working with consciousness.


For more information,

please contact Mei Lan Ng.

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Start our 16-days training program and enter the world of Consciousness Coaching.

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Diploma in Professional Consciousness Coaching

Professional coaching modules (3 x 4 days): € 4500 incl. 21% VAT

Package price including Conscious Living 1: € 5540


Certificate in Professional Coaching Skills

Professional coaching modules (2 x 4 days): € 3000 incl. 21% VAT

Package price including Conscious Living 1: € 4040


Exam package € 1750 


All CC trainings in Belgium are organized by The Lighthouse. The Lighthouse is accredited for the SME e-wallet.

In case you have your own VAT-number and you wish to make use of the SME e-wallet for one of the CC trainings, please contact us beforehand at

* (The exam package cannot be purchased using the SME e-wallet.)




In Genk

Conscious Living 1: please find the dates here.

Module 1: September 8 - 11, 2022

Module 2: October 20 - 23, 2020

Module 3: December 8 - 11, 2022

Diploma Professionele
Consciousness Coaching® 

  • Duration: 3 modules of 4 days

  • Coaching Basic, Coaching Expertise & Coaching deepening with Awareness Creations

  • 90h

  • Exercises and practice sessions in between modules

  • Live or online

  • Dutch or English

  • ICF ACTP level (if passing exam)

  • Afterwards you can request the ICF PCC credential.

  • Price: € 4500

Certificaat Professionele
Coaching Skills

  • Duration: 2 modules of 4 days

  • Coaching Basic & Coaching Expertise

  • 60h

  • Exercises and practice sessions in between modules

  • Live or online

  • Dutch or English

  • ICF ACTSH level

  • Afterwards you can request the ICF ACC

  • Price: € 3000

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