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​How do I become a Consciousness Coach?

For those who wish to increase their awareness or who wish to become a professional Consciousness Coach themselves, Creative Consciousness offers a leading-edge coach training that has the highest level of ICF (International Coach Federation) accreditation as ACTP – accredited coach training program.

Your training journey starts with our foundation training Conscious Living 1 which carries within the core elements of Creative Consciousness and Consciousness Coaching. Conscious Living 1 is a process of 4 days that takes you through a personal transformational process as we believe to become a coach you must first have done the necessary work yourself. Also, you will experience firsthand the power and possibilities that become available by working with consciousness. 

After Conscious Living 1, you choose to do your coaching journey in English or in Dutch. The rest of the journey consists of 3 modules of 4 days. In 2021 the professional coach training in English will take place online. The Dutch training will take place in The Netherlands (Rosmalen) and in Belgium (Leuven).

After having completed the modules, you are ready to register for the coaching exam and you can start practising. Once you have completed all requirements needed for the preparation of your exam, you will be able to choose a date and go for both a written and an oral exam. 

Here is how your coach training looks like practically:

Conscious Living 1: you can choose to take your training in Leuven (Belgium) or in Rosmalen (The Netherlands)


Module 1-2-3: the coaching modules are offered in English online and in Dutch in Rosmalen (The Netherlands) and Leuven (Belgium).


Having completed the trainings, you sign up for the exam component and get allocated a mentor coach, who will conduct 6 observed coaching sessions with you. Your mentor coach will observe your sessions with real clients and provide in-depth feedback to support you in getting your coach competences to the next level. You will also engage in extensive peer coaching practice as well as self-study and integration of everything that you have learned. In this process you are also encouraged to work with real clients.

To enter the exam, you are required to give at least

  • 8 sessions to paying clients

  • 8 sessions to your peers

  • receive at least 8 sessions as a client

  • complete 6 observed coaching sessions

  • 3 peer observed coaching sessions


Normally, the process of exam preparation itself takes at least 2 months – it can be a bit less or more, depending on your individual learning style, schedule, and pace.


Once you have accomplished practice hours needed to enter the exam, you submit your documents and participate in the written part of the exam. It is a 50 minutes test, containing multiple choice and open questions that cover theory, core notions of coaching, and key Consciousness Coaching® distinctions. If you successfully pass the written part, you are invited for the oral part, where you need to demonstrate your coaching skills in a coaching session scenario, with a role-playing client.

You will receive immediate feedback and, if you pass, will be awarded the Diploma in Professional Consciousness Coaching®.

With this diploma you are able to professionally practice coaching in any field of your choice, be that life coaching, business coaching, or any other coaching area, and are eligible to become a member of ICF and apply for their credentials.


Pricing Policy

As individual or corporate:

Conscious Living 1 (4 days)

Professional coaching 3 modules of 4 days (12 days)

Package price: €5540 (21% VAT incl.)

As individual or corporate after Conscious Living 1:

Professional coaching 3 modules of 4 days (12 days)

Package price: €4500 (21% VAT incl.)


ICF Exam package: €1750 (21% VAT incl.) 
6 Coaching Sessions by a Professional Consciousness Coach: €798,60 (21% VAT incl.)


​​​Dates 2021


Conscious Living 1: please find the dates here.

Module 1: 4 - 7 February 2021

Module 2: 15 - 18 April 2021

Module 3: 3 - 6 June 2021


Conscious Living 1: please find the dates here.

Module 1: 23 - 26 September 2021

Module 2: 21 - 24 October 2021

Module 3: 9 - 12 December 2021

​Contact & Registration Support or more information about the English training:

Mei Lan Ng

0032 (0) 472 65 68 30

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