31 Dec 2019

Beste creators.

Nu het jaar 2019 en tegelijk het hele decennium naar hun einde lopen, word je wellicht gebombardeerd met e-mails en boodschappen die allemaal vechten voor je aandacht. Iedereen wil je ertoe aanzetten om nú in actie te schieten! Daarom willen wij liever iets anders doen en je uitnodigen om een simpele uitdaging aan te gaan tijdens deze vakantieperiode:

Wees present en geef je aanwezigheid.

Waarom aanwezigheid?


27 Jun 2019

We zijn al halfweg 2019, en dus is het een goed moment om te beginnen met invoelen welke trends, uitdagingen en opportuniteiten er in 2020 zullen zijn. Terwijl ik verschillende geloofwaardige bronnen hierover raadpleegde, was er één trend die mijn aandacht trok. Het heet: “high touch”. High tech was een hele tijd geleden een trend, en die is onlosmakelijk deel geworden van ons leven: smartphones, online bankieren, sociale medi...

27 Mar 2019

Who is the right teacher for you? What is right and what not? By what criteria can you assess whether a teacher is right for you?

One way of going about it is to understand the difference between attraction and resonance, something that I teach on day 1 of my Heart Retreat.

Attraction is a matter of particular pleasant programs getting activated by your reaction to a teacher; you may like her/his looks, body language, eyes, voic...

27 Feb 2019

What do you experience when you are experiencing?

You experience feeling body parts, like your feet in your shoes, your pelvis on a chair, your jaws, your breathing. That is experiencing your body.

Or/and you experience your thoughts, like staring at the endless parade of thoughts on your mental screen; or you do conscious thinking, trying to answer questions you have; or you meditate and try to not get involved in your mind’s...

12 Feb 2019

You have a key, THE key. Really, you have it. You know what I mean? THE KEY! I can’t say it any louder I suppose.

Are you still asking me what key?
The key to all of your glory, essence, happiness, good fortune, health, energy, love, beauty, power, you name it!


And if you don’t believe this, well you have a key for that too: the key to trust, to believe, to know.
Why have you got this key?

Because you come from divine sou...

11 Jan 2019

Last night I watched the latest radio show of Oprah interviewing Eckhart Tolle. When she asked him, “Ten years after publishing ‘The new Earth’ do you still believe it is going to happen?”, I kept waiting for an awareness creation around the inevitability of the shadow. Eckhart spoke about challenging times these days, but I saw that the subject invited even more depth and understanding around the shadow. In these challenging...

21 Dec 2018

It was in June this year when I awoke to the awareness that in our circles of Creative Consciousness® a lot of the energy of separation was still dividing many of us, denying us of the possibility and the joy of a tribe that sits and dances around the bonfire in sister- and brotherhood.

My heart was hurting observing so much pain caused by failing to unite as one. Maybe you can relate to that when you really feel into the state...

For us in the Western culture, which is predominantly Christianity based, the annual return of the holidays of Christmas and New Year is approaching. Most people relate reactively to these days, meaning: they go by what they have done on Christmas and New Year all their lives, what their family and relatives expect from them and what is socially respectable.

We have conditioned our children to relate to these days in very speci...

16 Oct 2018

Freedom is a deep-rooted essence of us human beings; it is embedded in our ancestral cell memory.

However, we are deprived the right to experience this existential and most wonderful condition because our educational systems are everything but a guide and teacher of freedom. Before we could even start thinking of freedom we were enslaved in restrictive belief systems, numbed in our guts, dimmed in our hearts and made believe th...

In the last 30 years me being on the Journey and guiding others on their Journey, I can testify that the waves of awakening and fulfillment are existential tides, just like inhale and exhale.

There are times for awakening and there are times for fulfillment.

In the phase of awakening we get elevated (vertical expansion) to a next level, a next version of ourselves. And then our being needs to settle, to take roots, to expand (...

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