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What is coaching?

Coaching is a supportive relationship between a client/coachee seeking guidance and support and a coach, providing the space and framework for the client to achieve his goals. This relationship is based on mutual respect and trust and enables individuals to embark on a personal journey of learning and experience, find balance in life, develop awareness of body, mind and spirit, create shifts that direct one’s life in the desired direction.*

For the coach, coaching is the process of navigating the client’s self-exploration by asking powerful questions, setting the right context, and creating new layers of awareness.

*Coaching is not a substitution for therapy, mentoring or training – it does not seek to cure traumas, deal with past issues, transmit knowledge or show the way to act. Instead, coaching provides the right context for the client to deal with concrete objectives and directs the client to taking action steps basing on clarity of intention and freedom of choice.

What is Consciousness Coaching® and how is it different from other methods?

Consciousness Coaching® is a holistic and impactful methodology that works with the root cause of issues. Instead of dwelling on the surface and exploring the content of the issue, Consciousness Coaching® goes straight to the core and addresses the context – the bigger picture, the patterns that drive one’s behavior. Working on context instead of handling content allows our coaches to create real, sustainable shifts in clients. Consciousness Coaching® creates new awareness through supporting the clients to see what they have not seen before and expanding their perception of the world.

Consciousness Coaching® sessions contain awareness creation modules that give new perspectives on life and challenge the client to look at themselves from a different angle.

If you sign up for coaching, you will:

  •     get clarity on your goals and learn how to achieve them with the power of your word,

  •     explore the resources of your consciousness and start using them to create your reality,

  •     have more energy, more power, and more inspiration for living a meaningful life.


How to find a Consciousness Coach®?

Creative Consciousness Belgium has coaches in different areas of Belgium. Being part of a bigger international network we also have coaches in different countries like The Netherlands, Germany, Greece, South Africa, ...

Coaching sessions can take place live, telephonically or through Skype, upon the clients preference. Sessions can be given in English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Italian, according to the availability of our coaches.

To sign up for a coaching session or cycle, email us:

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