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Mark Fraser Grant

"With fresh eyes freed from convention & conditions   look  at the wonderment of living, to be experienced with all  senses maximised and no safety net for the just in case!"

Me in 5 words

Aliveness, courage, authentic, caring and unconditional love



What passionates me

The wonder of nature and the innocence of a child in full self-expression are things that stir my soul. I am passionate and fully there for another when I see the courage to own all that we are and to embrace the beauty and risk that is being alive. Looking death in the eye and saying I see you as the gateway to living and expressing all that I am. A non-judgmental look at life and what we humans do with that in an explorative and yet evolving lens to look, to understand and shine a light of awareness on. I am passionate for making a difference that counts with the executive or the team and organisation or simply for the human being I am partnering with in any given process and moment. I am passionate about deep connection with each other whether in the home, office or planet. I’m also a passionate dad and dancer with life!


Country of residence

South Africa


Master Trainer, Facilitator, Executive Coach, High Team Performance



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