Nathalie Willems

"Before all gratitude, for when one does not

  have the distinction of appreciation,

  nothing has meaning"

Me in 5 words
Aliveness, creation, enthusiasm, acceleration, authenticity



Themesong: Follow the Sun - Xavier Rudd


What passionates me

I am passionate about life and I am passionate about creation. I have a natural energy for creating new things and exploring new ideas, cultures, people... My hearts beats for creating ripples of awareness in the world, for awakening people and spreading positive vibes to connect us back with the hungry, curious, enthusiastic life lovers we were when we were kids. I feel most alive when there is movement, when I can dance, laugh, galop free and surrender to the Isness of the moment and enjoy life in totality. 


Country of Residence



Transformational Trainer, Consciousness Coach, NLP Master

Dutch, English