What is your biggest motivator?

Psssst, come here, I’ll tell you a secret…

I am not really that bold, that courageous, that dauntless.

Or at least… that is what my fears tell me. There is that fear that I am too old to engage in a new challenge or adventure, the fear that people are not interested in what I have to say, the fear that I may hurt myself and the fear that I will not be good enough. And these are only some. They are quite a big community, my fears…

Fact is, they are not really putting me in motion, these fears. They keep me safe and comfortable, that’s true. They will never put me at risk, make me feel embarrassed or ashamed. And although it feels very familiar hanging around with them, it is so boring…

Every time I allow myself to act despite of my fears, something in me jumps up as if I am stepping into a rollercoaster. My soul smiles, my eyes shine, my blood rushes a bit faster through my veins. I feel energized and alive and the whole world seems brighter, more colorful.

When I allow myself to not identify with my fears but accept them as friends who care about me, then I manage to act with them, without them blocking me or keeping me small.

It’s a bit like parents, they are great advisors but really at some point, you are old enough to know what’s most right and most true for you. Don’t you agree?

And sometimes, when a fear is really big or when a challenge feels like too much of a stretch, I use an even bigger motivator. I ask myself: Who do I want to be as an example for my daughter?

That question hasn’t failed me yet. On the contrary, it has stretched me beyond my mind thought was possible. Thus in wanting to create freedom for my child, I am creating freedom for myself. Or the other way around, as you please…

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