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Our Inner Compass - Contraction and Expansion

Wouldn’t it be great if we had an internal compass which we can fully trust, which is at work 24/7 and which cannot be corrupted? A compass we can use anywhere and anytime whenever we need guidance or confirmation for the decisions we are challenged to make? A compass which tells you which future husband to choose if you are so lucky to have several candidates lined up? A compass that tells you when to stick and when to quit? A compass that warns you when there is still time to turn around? A compass that immediately registers when something in your environment changes?

The good news is: this compass is within you already!

It is your personal energy field, your ‘aura’. What was esoterical and spiritual 3 decades ago is scientific today. Your aura is a physical reality, it is actual energy. As you know, energy never can be still, its nature is to move; when it comes to your aura it consistently expands or contracts. And it does this from moment to moment in relation to the energies you are in.

E.g., you are in a meeting with 4 people and suddenly a fifth person joins the meeting and suddenly you experience a contraction in your aura – you can also simply call it a contraction of your energy. Well, then you know who and what to watch out for, don’t you? Or you and your spouse are discussing several options to buy a new home; by looking at the various options you can clearly feel when your energy is expanding or when it is contracting. And then which is right choice?

When your energy expands, it means that what is present is beneficial for you, nurtures your heart and makes your soul smile. If you’d listen to your compass all the time and make your choices in alignment with it, then you’d lead a blessed life of a thousand smiles.

Bring back your compass

So, what’s the catch? There is none, but! For most people it is to say that they haven’t used their compass much, if at all. Meaning your ability to read, or, correctly put, to sense your compass’s pointing is rusty. You may need to get acquainted again with your energy field and its movements. Once you were, a long time ago. Then you were told to focus on your mind and on your mind only. That’s what you did and you forgot everything else that you have been equipped with.

To bring back your compass into your daily awareness is a matter of a few weeks of paying attention and asking yourself dozens of times every day: Is my energy contracting or expanding? Then you sense the answer.

‘Sensing’ is not the same as ‘feeling’

It’s not something you think, it is something you sense. I use the word ‘sensing’ here very deliberately because ‘feeling’ can be misleading; ‘feeling’ can be a result of a subconscious program running in your brain, which is a reaction of your conditioning to circumstances. If you listen to your ‘feeling’, you will make choices that just roll over the past into the future. If you like to learn more about the subconscious and its ways to make us have reactive thoughts and feelings, then please watch my YouTube presentation “Introduction to Consciousness”.

Let’s return to our example of the meeting and a fifth person joining. The likelihood that you ‘feel’ good or not good about that person is always possible, because maybe their tone of voice or the shape of their nose reminds your mind of your mom or your dad; in that case a childhood program gets activated and what you experience are its feelings. The problem is that your mind doesn’t recognize this feeling as a result of a movie that has been uploaded into your brain.

Take the JOURNEY: become conscious.

‘Feelings’ are triggered responses based on our past. Sensing however is always a direct response in the Here and Now to the sum total of energies you are exposed to. Your compass is a ‘sensor’, not a ‘feeler’. You will need to become quite conscious to not confuse the stick with a snake.

But you know what they say, that any JOURNEY starts always with the first step. And then another. And then another again. And so on and so forth.

So, welcome to the land of SENSING, its benedictions and wonders.

Oh, by the way, have heard of the findings of Dr. Masaru Emoto? He did numerous experiments with water and showed how its crystalline structure responds to different surroundings, e.g. he played “good” and “bad” music to the water and discovered under the microscope wonderfully harmonious formations of the water crystals when the good music was played and chaotic distorted formations when the water was exposed to bad music. Now consider that the human body consists of 75-80% of water!

That’s your compass.

And it is always right.

With love, Marc

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