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Demystifying consciousness and the truth of us being creators

I’m consistently studying the latest developments in neuro science, brain research and quantum discoveries. I humbly accept that I won’t become a scientist in this lifetime; the Whole had a different plan in mind with manifesting me. In the human design matrix, my energy is the one of a generator who creates based on response. So when I read books or watch documentaries on YouTube, Netflix etc. my energy responds creatively (vs. critically). Lately, my focus of study was on the works of Dr. Joe Dispenza. For me, he is a gifted spokesperson of the thousands of scientists who have started to scientifically explore and explain consciousness, the mind, the brain and the subconscious. Watching Joe’s presentations on YouTube made me cheer internally “YES!” countless times – not so much because I saw something I had not seen before, but because I have known it all along and lived by it, and I created Creative Consciousness® by it. The time has arrived where all that I have taught and teach, all that I have created as the work gets its scientific stamp. Why is it so exciting? Because it will help so many people to take consciousness more seriously, to practice the work more convincingly and to be confirmed on their Journey into freedom, wholeness and creatorship. There is one particular Youtube interview with Joe I recommend you to watch:

Maybe you don’t mind so much the first 10 minutes where Joe speaks a lot about himself, but then he shifts into a sequence of 30 minutes where he scientifically explains in the finest details:

• how consciousness-expansive experiences are created in our brain-mind-consciousness system (the great states you experience in a Master 1, 2 or 3 for example) • why energy work using the chakras stimulates the pineal gland and cause us to connect to consciousness (he calls it “quantum field”) • why particular rotating movements – which I teach in the CC Retreats – create an inductive field that activates brain parts that are required to shift into higher states of consciousness • why we are in fact the creators of our reality and why action supersedes philosophy • why we first need to become nobody before we can become a new somebody (M1 day 3: “nothingness” and M3 day 2 “the nothingness process”) Joe talks about his workshop designs, which start at 6am, sometimes 4am in the morning and conclude at 7pm in the evening. Why he changed from a 4-days workshop format to a 7 days format (same reason why I created the CC Retreats) and why he creates challenging situations in his workshops so that participants are confronted with their quitting patterns. Oh, I forgot, in the last event in Berlin 1200 participants went through his program. In my early twenties during my monastic time in India, I was taught and studied books like the Spanda Karikas which explains in detail who we are as the pulsating quantum energy that creates its reality. Now these texts were authored by the rishis about 4500 years ago! Dr. Dispenza shares (in another video) that today science found out that we appear and disappear 7-8 times per second manifesting ourselves according to the belief systems that we maintain in our minds; they act like blueprints for manifestation. That’s exactly what the ancient scriptures like the Spanda Karikas are saying. When I teach the “gap” between thoughts and “awareness” above all etc, I do that in order to create a space within the 7 times per second manifestation cycle repetitions, so that we have a chance to use OUR newly created blueprint for manifesting ourselves.

To conclude: Creative Consciousness® won’t have a Doctor as the spearhead, nor do we need to spend substantial resources on proving what we are doing – this has been done by not only Joe but also by other scientists sufficiently. Consciousness is demystified. It’s a reality that can be ignored but not avoided. I am proud of Creative Consciousness® because it has been created 30 years ago and ever since honed and polished and has become a shining diamond amongst consciousness work. While others were busy proving consciousness right, I was busy following my creative instincts and putting together the most holistic and powerful consciousness development program in the world. Let’s make this world conscious. For our own sake, for the sake of others and the sake of the Whole. With love, Marc

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