The familiar feeling called YOU

You choose every moment – consciously or unconsciously – whether you are going to be defined by your memories of the past or by the vision of your future. Most of us are not aware that they do have a choice; most of us are not even aware that they can choose at all.

The status quo of the way we live is by relating to ourselves as we define ourselves by the memories we have stored about our experiences and the stories we wrapped around them. When we are young, we ask ourselves who we want to be in the future, but still we try to create this future using our past self. Very few know that there is an alternative; and that alternative has a much higher probability to create the envisioned future successfully.

Consider that when you create your future with your future self, you are way more inspired, receptive to creativity and protected from any sabotaging past programs, like fear, worry, laziness, cowardice, etc.

Your past self only knows creation by cause and effect, which is the Newtonian (Isaac Newton, physicist) way, but there is an alternative: creating by causing an effect, which is the Quantum physics way. Now, this you cannot do with the past self. You need a new You for that.

If you followed my blogs, you are familiar with the concept of “as within, so without” or “creating your outer reality by first creating this reality within”. We are writing the year 2018 and have discovered so much very exciting new stuff about how reality works and how we can create our dream lives in a totally different way.

The times of creating success defined by “harder, longer, faster, smarter” are over! Today’s cutting edge creators are causing the desired effects (reality) by making plenty of use of the law of attraction; it deserves the name “law” because it works and is impersonal.

I teach creation and self-realization using the power of creation around the world. Everywhere I go, the same lack of knowledge, the same problems and the same dreams. We all feel a better life is possible and we should be right in the center of it. The only thing missing is: HOW to create that? And how to create it in a way that is fun, successful and doesn’t leave one depleted, burned-out, stressed?

The way is quantum creation: instead of cause and effect, causing the effect.

For this, we need our mind; good news: everyone has got one. And we need our brain; good news: everyone has got one. Bad news: it needs a serious update, since the body (which goes through our experiences) follows the brain.

New brain – new experiences.

New experiences – new action.

New action – new life.

Up to this point, I have my audiences nod in excitement. But then I need to break the news to them that all that is within reach, but not from their old familiar self, this self that they know and that feels so familiar. By reaction, most people want to create a new life with an old self. It’s based on fear of the unknown and on lack of awareness of who we really are.

The moment a person realizes and experiences that who they are isn’t defined by their thoughts and feelings, but an effortless ever-present awareness, s/he can drop the fear and jump into creating the self required for the new dream life.

The upgrade of the brain is a shift from a brain that used to function as a record of the past to a brain that works by a map to the future.

I can’t offer you a pill that causes that magic while you lie in your bed. But I can promise you that, with a little effort and the right tools, you can update yourself; and with that create the life you always dreamt of.

You are a creator.

With love, Marc