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Awakening and Fulfillment

In the last 30 years me being on the Journey and guiding others on their Journey, I can testify that the waves of awakening and fulfillment are existential tides, just like inhale and exhale.

There are times for awakening and there are times for fulfillment.

In the phase of awakening we get elevated (vertical expansion) to a next level, a next version of ourselves. And then our being needs to settle, to take roots, to expand (horizontal) on that new level. And once that is saturated, the tides change again and the energy of awakening builds and challenges us and kicks us out of our horizontal comfort zone. Then we leap again – no matter how much we may resist.

An upward expanding spiral is a good image for that movement. To ever new heights! Scary and so adventurous!

On every new level of ourselves we receive new perspectives, new tools, new abilities and a new reality in an expanded way. And new challenges too!

Luckily – by grace of existential design - we always attract people, friends and teachers who can help us mastering these new challenges. And isn’t growth and progress a wonderful feeling?

All of us – yes all of mankind – are continuously upgrading. The times today are especially exciting, because we are all transiting from matter to spirit, from particles to waves. Developments are more and more accelerating, is can make us dizzy!

Holding on seems more and more old school and pointless. Flying is the new credo.

Time is spinning and propels us upwards faster and faster. If we just would trust our wings!

But that’s a new thing for humans. Wings?

Our lungs are our wings. Breath! Our breathing is our wing beat. Try it consciously. Long in and long expansive out… gliding in consciousness while you are watching the sceneries while sitting in a bus. Short powerful wing beat when your energy needs to move a mountain!

You are the captain, you are in control.

Discover the deliciousness of breathing. It has a taste, a subtle but ecstatic flavor!

And flying has its own intelligence – when you fly in a meeting, you get guided by the winds of awareness. Your awareness takes you to windows of perception your mind never would have considered. Fly when you cook and your meal will carry the freshness of life. Fly when you sleep and your dreams will be pleasant. Fly when you drive a bicycle or a car and your reactions will be like lightning. Fly when you make love and your touch will be creative. Fly when you work and success is your sky. Enjoy your wings!

With love, Marc

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