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Return to Unity

It was in June this year when I awoke to the awareness that in our circles of Creative Consciousness® a lot of the energy of separation was still dividing many of us, denying us of the possibility and the joy of a tribe that sits and dances around the bonfire in sister- and brotherhood.

My heart was hurting observing so much pain caused by failing to unite as one. Maybe you can relate to that when you really feel into the state of being within our own tribe, family and circles of friends; and of course - if you can - the big tribe of all mankind.

If you ever tried to bring unity to a space of separated energies you probably have experienced resistance. Each person seems to dwell in their own space suit, being identified with their memory, belief systems and ways of perception; and these differ from the neighbor, naturally.

Then how can we ever shift into unity? Is it a real possibility or just an utopia? Must we accept being a bit content having built some bridges by compromise, mutual consent, some temporary alignment? Just to be disappointed further down the time line time and again?

And really, do we want unity in the first place? And is it motivated by the energy of creation that senses a higher level of being a human being or is it motivated by the energy of reaction, away from the unbearable pain of the endless quarrels, misalignments, arguments and power struggles?

If you keep looking long enough, you may see that the energy of separation is generated deep within yourself, and at its root it separates you from your light, from your essence, from being the – in the image of God – being that you are.

Unite yourself again with your essence. Everything is united; there is no actual ending of something and the beginning of another; there are myriads of different forms and densities of energy constellations, but not a single division. Not even space is nothing; it is something. The emptiest void is still a form of energy, of course different yet not divided.

So the separation that we human beings experience is literally an illusion, a psychological state of mind. And any state of mind is a state of beliefs we allow or perceive to be true. What we believe creates our perception; our perception creates our experience and our experiences create our actions.

If you are standing up in order to unite yourself again you need to examine your unquestioned beliefs. Examining one’s own beliefs only makes sense when it is on the foundation to give up believing in a belief, choosing unity over righteousness. What else would love do?

You may find beliefs that inevitably cause division (psychologically) however may appear to be difficult to get rid of. The longer you have allowed to believe in a belief, the stickier it can be.

The good news is that for a belief to stay alive it needs a continuation of the neurological circuits that form the specific synoptic pattern in your brain. This continuation is entirely depending on you giving this pattern energy; we do that by allowing this belief to remain as a truth in our mind.

On the other hand, if you choose to not live any longer by this belief and therefore withdraw your energy from it, it will lose its power and will deflate into a piece of memory with no own life. You freed yourself from reaction.

On the creation side of things, you very well can choose new unifying beliefs which you pay attention to; and the more and the longer you do it, the faster a new synaptic circuitry is forming in your brain until you have a new belief installed. This belief forms your perception – the way you see your reality or a specific aspect of it – and that perception ignites your actions… and here we go! Your actions cause impact and this gets reflected back at you which in return creates your experience…

…..and so you live in a new world!

With love, Marc

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