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From fake self to TRUE BEING: how to journey out of resignation into truth

What do you experience when you are experiencing?

You experience feeling body parts, like your feet in your shoes, your pelvis on a chair, your jaws, your breathing. That is experiencing your body.

Or/and you experience your thoughts, like staring at the endless parade of thoughts on your mental screen; or you do conscious thinking, trying to answer questions you have; or you meditate and try to not get involved in your mind’s thoughts.

Or/and you are aware of what you feel - maybe happiness, maybe sadness, maybe frustration, maybe playfulness.

Awareness is an experience of you consciously recognizing any of these sensations.

The one who is recognizing them is your Being.

This one is the one to get to know better! It is far more challenging than one ever can imagine. Just sit with yourself for 10 minutes doing nothing but meeting your Being, so no cell phone, no reading, no listing to music, no sleeping, no self-talk, no distractions. Just for 10 minutes. For most people, including the “spiritual ones”, that is a huge challenge. Most people can’t do it.

If you ever tried, you need to ask yourself why in God’s name is it such a big deal? Because what you are meeting is not your Being - but the one who you are being!

What I mean by that is: you are meeting your fake You.

And it’s a horrific rendezvous. You meet yourself as the confused, critical, frightened, bewildered, righteous, competitive, lonely, depressed, sad, aggressive one – the one that is the prisoner and the jailer at the same time. You become present to the self-inflicted box you live in day-in and day-out, the story you live in.

The only escape you have ever known is to forget that this is the truth. You learned to pretend that you are free.

But somehow it just never really works (except sometimes), does it? Whenever you come closer to meeting yourself, you get completely irritated by the dawning inconvenient truth: the way you show up as in the world is a fake way of being.

Humankind has invented myriads of escape routes to succeed in avoiding this confrontation, this ultimate challenge - entertainment, religion, spirituality, sex, drugs, music, fame, success, and so on and so forth…anything. Being on the run is the default way of being for us human beings.

The cover up of us all being on the run is creating an undercurrent of exhaustion. We feel it as a silent but gradually increasing resignation. Over time we resign to our own growing resignation. Yes, it’s a nightmare and we all became masters in denying this. Now, here is a suggestion I make: consider meeting your default fake You.

If you manage to NOT run, then look at the question: “WHO is it that is meeting the fake You?”

When you are there to ask this question, the door to the You that is your true Being opens, because only then your attention goes beyond the fake-You awareness and its self-delusions. Do you see what I am saying? All of my creations point into this one direction - from Master 1 to Master 3, from the Retreats to the Mastery courses – to prepare you for this rendezvous. It is everyone’s journey anyway, whether you travel it consciously or unconsciously; we are all on the same JOURNEY.

We can change the journey, but we cannot change the destination.

Destination: truth.

What is true prevails, what is not true disappears. The JOURNEY can be shortened, made less painful. It’s up to you. You are the captain of your destiny. With love, Marc

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