Through our Conscious Living 1 training you have experienced firsthand the possibilities of a more conscious life. Most probably you have felt yourself becoming more authentic, more balanced, more powerful and you might have started wondering how to expand this even more in all other areas of your life.

For those of you wanting to continue this path of awakening and self exploration, we have developed The Journey, a 21-day Year Program that consists of a deep dive into all at the areas of your life and that will support you in creating more balance, passion and fulfillment. 


Travel itinerary (21 days):
Conscious Living 1 (4 d.) as a prerequisite
(It is possible to register for Conscious Living 1 as a standalone training and experience firsthand the power of our trainings whilst making use of our 'Valuation after Experience System', in which you determine the value that the Conscious Living 1 has brought for you).

+ Conscious Living 2 (4 d.)

A 4-day focus on you in relation to the other, emphasizing on listening, getting, forgiving, communication, connection, compassion...

+ Conscious Relationships (3 d.)

A 3-day conscious perspective on all relationships in your life, including the one with yourself.

+ Conscious Money (2 d.)

A 2-day program on your relationships with money and on how much you value yourself.

+ Shadow & Light Retreat  (8 d., accommodation & flight excl.)

The 8-day Shadow & Light Retreat takes you deep into working with your shadows and allowing yourself to fully stand into your light. You will work, eat and sleep in a beautiful surrounding in either Crete or South Africa, depending on your choice.

'Support your Back' Pack (containing all Conscious Living 1 main inquiries + 6 live webinars)


Travel time:
After completing your registration, you decide whenever you want to plan your trainings.


​Travel costs:

For individuals: €4.045 (VAT incl.) instead of €5.849 when booking the Journey including Conscious Living 1

(payment in instalments of 6-12 months is possible)

For corporate registration: €4.045 (VAT excl.)

In case you wish to attend Conscious Living 1 first, making use of our Valuation after Experience System, you will receive the overview and price of The Journey on the last day of your Conscious Living 1 training.

How to book

Contact us directly in order to get you the most ideal travel itinerary for your Journey according to your agenda. We are gladly of service for all logistical support, questions with regard to the instalment plans and any other support you might need.

In case you wish to create a tailor-made Journey different than this program, we are open for your proposals and ideas!




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